Best French Accent Chairs Review

Every room in every home across the world has a chair or two. The lounge area will have a sofa and perhaps an armchair.

Your dining room will have a table with chairs and your breakfast nook might have a counter with a few chairs around it.

But did you know the common chair, was for many centuries and indeed for thousands of years, a piece of furniture that represented extreme wealth and dignity.

It was only around the 16th century that it became common anywhere. Up until then people would sit on chests, benches or stools.

From the vineyards of Bordeaux, to the French Riviera and Eiffel Tower, to a cafe’ au lait in a Parisian café, no one lives as well as the French, and a trip to France is something that is on most people’s bucket list.

Art, romance, fine food, wines and furniture, the French have a knack of making life beautiful and adding serious joie de vivre to the most basic things, including chairs.

How to Choose the Finest French Accent Chairs

What do you do when you want to brighten up an outfit without breaking the bank? You buy a pair of shoes! The same applies to your home. If you want to add some joie de vivre quickly and without too much fuss, find an accent chair, in your budget.

To Sit or Not to Sit

As much as an accent chair needs to make a statement, try and not compromise on comfort, especially if you want to get more use out of it.

It’s great having a chair that looks amazing but there’s no point to it if form doesn’t meet function. In today’s times there are very few people who don’t work within a budget and so to get more bang for your buck it makes sense to make your purchase multi-functional.

Curled up with a good book or listening to music should be relaxing and if sitting on your chair is more pain than pleasure, then you need to move on.

Ready, Steady, Sit

Your chair needs to be comfortable and sturdy, especially if you have a lot of visitors who will be using it.

The last thing you want is Aunt Patsy landing on her derriere during Thanksgiving dinner or your chair having to be replaced in a few months because the legs weren’t strong enough and the arms collapsed.

When it comes to spending your hard earned money you need to be sensible and make sure you are buying a quality item, regardless of how beautiful it is and how badly you ‘need’ it.

Mix ‘n Match

It is one thing to make a splash with your accent chair, but it’s something completely different ending up with a disastrous belly flop.

Your new piece of furniture needs to be eye catching, not an eyesore. Experiment as much as you like but instead of looking like a mad scientist, at the end of the day it must ‘accent’ or complement the décor in your home.

Size Matters

Contrary to popular belief, big isn’t always better and petite isn’t ideal if it means the balance is wrong. Make sure the scale is correct when buying an accent chair and that the overall look is balanced.

There is nothing worse than getting your chair delivered and realising it is too big, or too small, for the space you had in mind. Also refer back to point no.1, 2 and 3 when deciding on the style of chair.

Everything is Better In French

We’ve put together our favourite French accent chairs to make your shopping experience a little easier. Prendre Plaisir!

elegant french accent chair

Coaster Chaise Lounge with Button Tufted Gray Velour in Black Finish


You cannot consider a French accent chair without looking at the enormous range of chaise loungers available.

Whatever décor is currently in your home, the Coaster Chaise Lounge will be a showpiece. The quality is excellent and as far as comfort goes, if you are planning to read while lounging on this French-inspired accent chair, there’s a good chance you’re going to end up falling asleep.

Amazon scores it a solid 4 ½ out of 5 stars and it seems to lose ratings due to assembly being a little bit of a challenge and that delivery took longer than expected. Other than that, the chair scores high in looks, quality and comfort.

beautiful french accent chair

Safavieh Mercer Collection Randy Linen Bench


Beautifully crafted, the vintage inspired linen bench from the Safavieh Mercer Collection brings a little bit of romance to your hallway, sunny reading area, at the end of your bed, or depending on the size, your bathroom.

The bench is upholstered in beige linen, which will suit any color scheme and stands on elegant oak legs that are finished in a pickled oak.

The black nail head detailing and classic design add a sophisticated look to this well priced accent chair. Place the Randy Bench in your living room or at the foot of any bed. Its transitional look makes it perfect for any room in your living space.

With 4.8 stars out of the possible 5, most buyers seemed slightly disappointed with the color, saying it was darker than the image shown. But that really was the only negative.

antique french accent chair

Baxton Studio Antoinette Classic Antiqued French Accent Chair


It is near impossible to not notice the Classic Antiqued French Accent chair from Baxton Studio. Everything about it screams ‘French vintage’ and stands out from the other French accent chairs available.

The attention to detail is excellent and the designers have stayed true to old world French, from the scalloped and scrolled wood trim, to the padded arm rests and distressed wood.

A removable back rest cushion is included too. Various colors are available in the style and the covers are removable for easy cleaning. The only negative from one customer is that it was too big for the intended space.

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