Best High Back Accent Chairs Review

An accent chair should be a fun piece of furniture to shop for. It’s probably one of the very few times, when buying something for your home, you don’t have to look purely at its functionality; whether it’s sturdy or comfortable enough.

It’s not supposed to match anything so you’re not trying to find the exact pantone shade of teal. Instead you are on the lookout for something that will accentuate a room or a space.

This is where you can crank up the volume and let your inner drama queen or diva loose for a while.

High back accent chair is the perfect addition to a space without making too much of a drastic change to your interior.

A velvet accent chair is ideal if you have a fear of commitment and don’t want something as ‘permanent’ as repainting or buying a whole new lounge suite.

Unless the accent chair you choose is ridiculously priced you can be also be a little adventurous and follow your heart, instead of it being a ‘sensible’ purchase.

Not necessarily the most obvious choice, high back accent chairs can make a real statement if placed in the right room.

A gorgeous velvet accent chair in a trendy color will instantly brighten up an area in time for spring or summer and if you want a more dramatic look, a more sombre shade will help you achieve the look.

skyline furniture tufted accent chair

Skyline Furniture Tufted Fainting Sofa


I want one of these just so I can say I have a ‘fainting’ sofa. The Victorian inspired one armed fainting chaise from Skyline Furniture is without a doubt the embodiment of what an accent piece is all about.

It makes a bold statement and creates a focal point in an empty space or an area that needs a bit of a revamp.

This is an investment piece that you would be able to keep in the family for a long time and because of the shabby chic look it won’t ‘age’ or go out of fashion.

Regardless of the décor or color of your room or house this will complement the look. Don’t you just want to faint?


  • Beautiful vintage style chaise
  • Sturdy
  • Light enough to move around


  • No instruction booklet
  • Wobbly


Let us be completely honest, this is a ‘girly girl’ accent chair and even if it received the worst possible reviews, when a girl has set her heart on something, there’s no stopping her.

I’m assuming the rave reviews have been written by women and the complaints have been submitted by their partners that have had to put it together or even worse, have had to sit on it. If it were me, I would buy this chair in a heartbeat and spend days fainting onto it.

 best black velvet chair

Homcom 45″ Tufted High Back Velvet Accent Chair


Available in red and black, the Homcom 45″ Tufted High Back Velvet Accent Chair seems to be a very popular choice. Because of the large seating area, it is almost like an ottoman, but with a backrest.

It reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and the tea party with the Mad Hatter, and if I were to throw a party along that theme, I would definitely buy it as a prop.

For such a specific style, that might not suit everyone’s taste, this tufted velvet accent chair has a high rating on Amazon, with 4.3 stars out of a possible 5. Of these 65% are 5 stars and 20% are 4, the balance is made up of 3 and 1 stars.


  • Gorgeous high back accent chair
  • Good quality material
  • Easy to assemble
  • Suits bedroom, living room and hallway


  • Too close to the floor
  • Looks bigger in the picture
  • Bad craftsmanship
  • Not the correct red


For the record, and the purpose of this review, I think high back accent chairs aren’t a necessity and serve more of an aesthetic look, which means more women purchase them or make their partners buy them.

My theory is it’s a grudge purchase for most men and they’re the ones writing the not so positive reviews. Of course this is my theory which I came up with while sitting on my cerise pink velvet accent chair.

best beige accent chair

Baxton Studio Owstynn Linen Modern Banquette Bench


The Baxton Studio Owstynn Linen Modern Banquette Bench should be called the ‘ooooh aaaaah’ bench, because that is most people’s reaction when first seeing it.

A newer style to the high back accent chair, the banquette is a popular style of seating for restaurants and lounges, with a high-back long bench or booth, if you like.

The Baxton Owstynn Banquette is a gorgeous modern bench seat which is suitable for trendy eating spots or in your home as a breakfast nook, in the hallway or as entryway seating.

It’s made from birch with wood legs and has a fire retardant foam cushioning. The panelled, wingback backrest and silver tone metal nail head trim makes this accent feature pop wherever you decide to place it.


  • Stylish modern bench
  • Versatile
  • Excellent quality and easy to assemble

The cons seem to be more to do with packaging and delivery


  • Mediocre quality
  • Doesn’t hold an adult’s weight
  • Difficult to assemble
  • Nice idea but badly executed


Because it’s a fairly new style you’re going to leading the pack when it comes to trends. I’m assuming with it being a seating solution in restaurants and eateries it will be comfortable for at least an hour or two but once again, as a woman, in love with all things related to accent chairs, I wouldn’t care if it had nine inch nails sticking out, I’d still want it.


Don’t stress yourself out about this purchase. Look at décor magazines and trendy websites, before you choose.

And if you stick to the simple rule of understanding your style and space, your accent chair could be used in different rooms, should you maybe find something better down the line.

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