Best Patterned Accent Chairs Review

I consider myself to be adventurous. I change my hair color regularly, wear statement pieces of clothing to stand out and usually have the coolest accessories, but I have a confession. I’m as dull as dishwater when it comes to the décor in my house.

There aren’t any bold colors or patterned pieces. It could be because I have a seven and a four year old and function tops fashion, or at least that’s my excuse for now.

I, like a lot of people, am scared of patterns. No, wait. I am petrified of patterns. There’s a fine line between dramatic and over-dramatic.

Mix and match can quickly turn into kitsch and clash if you get the patterns wrong but I do have the perfect palette to work with. The sofas are a camel color and the walls a cream, or beige. But cream sounds so much better.

Patterned accent chairs can make or break the feel of a room. The perfect one can add a layer of interest and style, and create a whole new look.

However, get it wrong and what was supposed to be an accent piece will be sticking out like a sore thumb. And your street cred’ will go out the window.

I’ve decided to go a little wild and release my inner ‘damask, so I’ve been looking at options and have been asking myself some important questions.

I will find my perfect paisley chair and hopefully, with a few tips from me you’ll consider looking at patterned accent chairs too.

Pick a Palette

One of the challenges of mixing and matching patterns is the ability to determine what will work and what will clash.

Before you start stressing about the pattern, look at the main color palette already in your home. Chances are you’ll notice there’s one color used over and over.

Remember there are also cool and warm tones to every color, so pick one or two and then move on to picking your accent colors. It’s these that will give your room that ‘pop’.

Neutral is Good

It turns out that my dull beige palette isn’t a bad thing. Neutral colored sofas, chairs and ottomans work well to neutralize the room and allow you to start adding bold patterns and prints that will work with the low-key neutral tones.

Don’t be coy with color

The best part of choosing patterns is the chance to mix and match. Using a neutral palette as your canvas with just the right amount of color and patterns will give your room an instant wow factor. And remember bold is beautiful!

beautiful patterned accent chair

Skyline Furniture Armless Chair in Santa Maria Desert Flower


The Santa Maria Desert Flower armless accent chair from Skyline Furniture sings spring and summer and lots of color.

The gorgeous range of patterned accent chairs adds a beautiful refined style to your bedroom, living room or entertaining space.

Made in the USA this beautifully handcrafted modern chair will add just a touch of femininity to your space without overpowering it.

The design of the curved arms and sleek legs make this mid-century modern chair stand out in any room.

set of two patterned accent chairs

Bellezza Set of Two Multicolor Modern Upholstered Eames Style Side Chairs


To be honest this is a chair I would ignore in an instant because of the patchwork, but the more I looked at it and at the detail, the more I liked it.

The distinct retro feel combined with a trendy modern edge will inject instant character into any room. The style of the chair is a mid-century classic, which has been given a quirky makeover, and it is gorgeous.

You wouldn’t think so but the different colors and patterns of fabric come together into a palette that is versatile enough to accommodate any style of décor, in any home, in every room.

Update a commercial space, like a bistro or café, fitting rooms in boutique type stores or waiting areas of hair salons.

It will also work in your dining room, or to jazz up your apartment or study as well as in your living room or TV space.

best patterned accent chair

Coaster Home Furnishings Bird Pattern Fabric Accent Barrel Chair


The best thing about shopping for patterned accent chairs is that you can step out of your comfort zone; in fact, you can fly out of it.

There is no limit to what you can do with a splash of color and a bit of pattern. Whether you have a neutral pallet or are wanting to ‘tone’ too much color down, this Bird pattern fabric barrel back chair is a unique addition to your home.

The tapered legs in a dark finish add a little bit of drama while the arching back and slightly flared arms create a very sleek looking chair.

The combination of the bird and floral fabrics works in harmony to add a distinctive look to your home. This accent chair is the ying to your home’s yang.

maddison park patterned accent chair

Madison Park Hayden Curved Back Slipper Chair


Remember in my quick guide to shopping for patterned accent chairs I mentioned don’t be coy with color? Chances are if you’re in the market for a chair with a pattern it is because the area you want to brighten up is fairly neutral, which might point to the fact that you are a little nervous expressing yourself.

With patterns and prints you cannot be coy. You have to channel your inner Picasso and find a pattern that is going to pop.

And the Madison Park Hayden slipper chair will do all that and more. Combining convenience and comfort, this chair’s graceful shaped back and armless styling together with its colorful rainforest chevron pattern is a great addition to any room.

No matter what your current palette is or what you plan to make it, the multitude of colors in the Madison Park Hayden slipper chair will ensure it fits in anywhere. The timeless design will make it a great ‘heirloom’ piece too.

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