Best Upholstered Accent Chairs Review

Looking around your living room? Does it seem a little boring? If you feel like something is missing chances are there is.

And the good news is that there’s simple solution to dressing up that space, adding some joie de vivre but without breaking the bank.

Sometimes it’s a new set of cushions or maybe pictures repositioned on the wall, but my very favorite way of brightening up a gloomy looking room is quite simply an accent chair.

These attention grabbing chairs come in all shapes and sizes as well as colors, so there isn’t a problem when it comes to choice.

What might create some confusion is finding the right chair that reflects your style and personality and will accent or emphasize the pieces already in your home.

An accent chair should be a versatile piece of furniture that can be moved from room to room, or even its function, if necessary.

If you’re unsure which one to choose, take a look at the wide range of upholstered accent chairs that are available.

This specific style of chair should serve two purposes, to enhance a room and be comfortable. They’ve definitely come a long way since the 17th century, where you might have sat on sawdust, grass or goat hair covered with wool and linen, or leather.

Today, thankfully, the art of upholstery is to create something that is gorgeous to look at, but more than that, very comfortable.

According to the dictionary:




past tense: upholstered; past participle: upholstered

provide (furniture) with a soft, padded covering.

“the chairs were upholstered in red velvet”

In other words, to upholster furniture, usually a chair, sofa or bench, means adding springs , webbing and cushions in fabric or leather covers. It could have a steel or wooden frame with loads of springs in the seat area, for added comfort.


STRONG – no matter how pretty the piece you need it to be strong. Upholstered accent chairs are used a lot, or that’s the idea.

They’re the sofas or chairs that people use when relaxing in the TV room or lounge. It’s the chair you sit on as you cuddle up with your little one and read a story.

Unlike some accent pieces that are ornamental or only used occasionally, but sturdy construction is essential when it comes to the ‘everyday’ chair.

BE SOFA SAVVY – wherever you purchase your chair or sofa find out about warranties on the frame, fabric, cushions, and fabric finishes, check on cleaning instructions, and ask about replacement pieces.

SIZE MATTERS – before you order make sure you measure the space at home and check the dimensions and size specifications.

There is nothing more frustrating than getting a gorgeous piece of furniture home and having it stuck outside because it can’t fit through the doorway or the chair you were hoping to be the focal point in the lounge area is now hidden in the corner of another room because there wasn’t sufficient space.

ATTACHMENT ISSUES – loose cushions work better on regularly used furniture in terms of cleaning it and replacing covers. The idea of cushions been tacked in the middle is appealing, until you have to get in between and behind them.


best beige upholstered accent chair

LexMod Engage Leather Armchair


This eye-catching LexMod leather armchair is everything an upholstered accent chair should be. From the rubber wood legs and frame which supply a solid base to the comfortable quality leather and large cushions, you just want to plop into this chair.

And stay there. Whether it’s your favorite chair after a long day’s work, your spot to read a good book or have hour long phone calls with your bestie, the Engage chair is stylish, sturdy and extra comfortable. Available in 13 colors, the cream accent chair is our favorite, simply because it goes with everything.


  • Function and form
  • Strong. Can hold up to 440 lbs.
  • Lots of space. Roomy
  • Easy to assemble
  • Speedy delivery from Amazon


  • Customer service complaints about manufacturer
  • Issues with assembly


This is a case where the chair’s good looks override any of the negative comments for us. We love the style, the shape, the size and the color. Without a doubt, it is, of all the upholstered accent chairs available, one our favorites.

vintage cream upholstered accent chair

Melford Royal Vintage Design Upholstered Arm Chair


The Melford Royal Vintage arm chair looks beige, but it will fit an as well as any cream accent chair. It offers all the elegance of the classic club chair but with a contemporary feel.

It will look, and feel, great in a TV room, a guest room, a sunny reading corner or a bedroom, for those moments of quiet solitude.

The seat, as it should be, is wide and padded, providing plenty of room and comfort. It’s roomy for one and perfect for two. The beige upholstered accent chair will be a great addition to any color scheme.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Firm but comfortable seat that keeps its shape


  • Too deep for shorter people


The only negative comment we saw was that short people might battle to reach the floor but for us that’s positive. It’s the perfect excuse to curl up and relax.

best upholstered accent chair

Traditional Kelly Chaise Lounge from Zipcode Design


Looking at reviews for this traditional Kelly chaise lounger we noticed, depending on which site you’re on, it has different names.

On Amazon it is the Traditional Chaise Lounger by Zipcode. The picture alone made us want to leave our work station, kick off our shoes and lounge on this Kelley Chaise accent piece.

The price is ridiculous! And you get a free throw pillow with your purchase. Every review has complemented the quality, the value for money and the chaise being so much more than they expected.


  • Everything


  • None


What are you waiting for? Buy it.

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